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Protecting Your Hot Tub With A Cover

Buying a hot tub cover can be a necessary investment if you are to keep the water in your hot tub clean. By placing this cover over the hot tub whenever you are not using it, you can stop leaves and small animals from getting in it.

Choose Between A Hard Or Soft Hot Tub Cover 

As you are deciding on a hot tub cover to buy, you will need to make a choice between choosing either a hard or soft cover. A soft cover may be the more affordable and easier-to-store option, but it can have some disadvantages when compared to a hard cover. For example, a soft cover can be much more likely to suffer rips and tears that may compromise its performance. Hard covers may be bulkier, but they can be far more durable. This can make it less likely that they suffer damage during storms or even due to falling branches or animal activity.

Make Sure The Hot Tub Cover Is Securely Placed

Whenever you are placing the cover on the hot tub, you will have to make sure that it is anchored and secured as well as possible. This is important to prevent the hot tub cover from flying away during high winds. Whether you have a hard or soft cover for your hot tub, there may be latches or straps that can be used to tie it in place. These will need to be anchored as securely as possible as the cover can experience tremendous forces during strong storms. In addition to the risk of the cover coming off the hot tub, these high winds and stresses could contribute to the cover warping. However, properly anchoring the cover can avoid these stresses.

Patch Any Damage To The Hot Tub Cover Promptly

If you notice that your hot tub cover has developed a puncture or other type of damage, it should be patched as quickly as possible. This can be a weak point in the cover that will likely rapidly grow. During a high wind event, this could lead to the weak area created by the puncture causing a total failure. In cases where small punctures are found early, they may be patched using a kit that can close these openings. However, this is only effective when these punctures are very small, and they may still fail at some point in the near future. For these reasons, it may be best to simply choose to buy a new hot tub cover rather than attempt to repair the damaged one.