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All About Hot Tub Covers: What's The Difference When Choosing The Right One For Your Spa?

A properly sized, correctly functioning hot tub cover insulates your hot tub and protects it from contaminants, pets, and children. A good quality hot tub cover will last for years if properly taken care of. By learning about the different types of hot tub covers, you can make an educated decision when investing in a new cover for your spa.

Why You Should Have a Hot Tub Cover

Having a hot tub is the reason most people purchase their own home spa cover, but did you know that there are more reasons to invest in your own cover than just keeping out the dirt and debris? Here are reasons to invest in a cover for your hot tub:


The main reason why you need to have a hot tub cover is to protect your children and make the spa safe. Hot tub covers are designed to fit tightly over your hot tub, keeping young children and pets from falling into the water.


If you leave your hot tub uncovered, it can be damaged in many ways. Rain or snow can damage the structure of the hot tub itself, making it unsafe for use. Also, if left uncovered, debris can easily get inside of it and clog up your filter or cause issues with water quality.

Hot tub covers also reduce energy loss by keeping the heat in the tub, to help you save when using your spa.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Covers

There are two main types of hot tub covers: water-resistant covers and waterproof covers. Here are the differences between the two to help you decide which cover is best for your hot tub:

Water-Resistant Covers

These covers use a special fabric that allows the hot tub to breathe while keeping water from seeping under the cover. This type of cover is ideal for keeping your hot tub clean during times when it is not in use or when it is being used infrequently.

Waterproof Covers

Waterproof covers completely enclose your hot tub and feature a tight-fitting design that prevents any water from getting in. These covers are especially useful if you have an outdoor hot tub, as they protect from all elements, including rain, snow, sun damage, and even dust. They also come equipped with locking mechanisms to keep intruders out of your hot tub. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or frequent rain, then this type of cover is ideal for you.

If you're looking for a way to keep your outdoor hot tub clean while protecting it, both types of covers can be a good solution.

Before you make your purchase, know what to look for in a hot tub cover. Contact a hot tub cover service to find the right cover for your spa.