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3 Reasons A Swim Spa Could Be A Better Investment Than A Pool In Your Retirement Years

If you love spending time in the water and wish you had room for a pool now that you're enjoying your retirement years, you might be wondering if investing in a pool is a good idea. Before you decide, consider the benefits of a swim spa instead. You may find that having a swim spa meets your needs better. Here are three benefits of a swim spa when compared to a pool.

1. A Swim Spa Takes Up Less Room

One of these spas is large enough for you to swim in against a current stream, but it doesn't take up much space in your yard. You won't have to lose valuable space that you can use for gardening. Plus, you won't even have to excavate your yard. While you can place the spa in the ground if you want, you can also place it on a concrete pad above the ground. This makes installation quick and easy.

2. You Can Use The Spa In The Winter

Heating a pool so the water is warm enough to enjoy may not be possible, or if possible, it might be too expensive. Since a swim spa is smaller, you can heat it up just like you would a regular hot tub when you're ready to use it. This allows you to soak outside when it's cool and get more months of enjoyment from your investment.

3. A Swim Spa Is Therapeutic

While swimming in a pool is good exercise too, this type of spa provides more ways to exercise and enjoy health benefits. One side of the spa is the swimming and exercise area where you can swim or jog in place against a strong stream of water. The other side is a lounging area where you can relax for a water massage.

The warm water in the spa can help with sore muscles and painful joints, and exercising in water is more gentle on your body than jogging on land. You can jog, swim, stretch, and do exercises in a swim spa so you can develop your muscles and increase your range of motion.

These spas come in different configurations when it comes to the seating and placement of water jets. Plus, the exercise features vary. Decide how you want to use your spa and then learn about the different types of spas on the market so you buy one that's a perfect match for your therapeutic needs and for entertaining family and friends. You may find that a swim spa is a much better match for your needs when you're older and don't need or want a big pool in your yard that's more difficult to maintain.

To learn more about swim spas, contact a pool contractor.